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Fire Extinguishers Chicago Reliable Fire and Security

Complete Source for Fire Extinguishers in Chicagoland Reliable Fire and Security is your Fire Extinguisher Solution.  Fire Extinguishers Chicago.  Best Fire Extinguishers Chicago (708) 597-4600.  It’s easy to forget about getting your Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspection.  With Reliable Fire you don’t have to worry about missing an inspection and getting a fine from local code …


Hydrogen Creates Unique Challenges for Fire Protection

All Things Hydrogen, a recent article published by the NFPA, author Nick Barilo described the growth of hydrogen as an alternative fuel source and the challenges it poses for the fire protection industry. As the world seeks to find alternative sources of energy, those in the fire protection and life safety industries must be constantly …


USCG Warns of Counterfeit Portable Fire Extinguishers

Boating season is upon us!  It seems like we have waited so long for winter to come to an end.  This is a reminder to be vigilant when purchasing fire safety products that protect your vessel(s).  There have been a number of confirmed counterfeit portable fire extinguishers discovered in use that bear brand names like …


Reliable Fire Equipment Company Hosts Life Safety & Security Seminar

Reliable Fire Equipment Company invites you to join us on Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 for our Annual Life Safety & Security Seminar set to take place at The Carlisle in Lombard, IL.  We have invited industry experts to present information and updates on several important Life Safety and Security topics. We are excited to welcome …


Study Finds that People Use Fire Extinguishers Effectively

In a recent study at Eastern Kentucky University, it was determined that an ordinary person, one who has not had any fire training background, can use a portable fire extinguisher with great effectiveness.  However, the results improved further when the participants in the study were given some proper training regarding the proper technique. The proper …


UL Standard 2802 Gives Customers Insight to Differences in Digital Cameras

Video surveillance is on of the fastest growing industries.  According to a recent publication by Underwriters Laboratories, “Video technology has been used to defeat potential acts of terrorism, in local law enforcement and fire protection activities, and in commercial and industrial security programs.”  Customers looking for quality, high-resolution security cameras can be easily overwhelmed.  A …


Office of State Fire Marshal Sends Warning about Cold Weather and Sprinkler Pipes

The Midwest is not new to cold weather, but our recent string of temperatures plummeting below zero has caused additional concerns for property owners and facilities managers.  On Monday, January 27th, the Office of the State Fire Marshal in Illinois sent out a warning to remind building owners to take extra measures to prevent freeze-ups …