Video Fire Detection

video fire protectionSpecially designed for today’s new architecture with high ceilings and large open areas, video fire detection can provide the protection traditional fire alarms may notGiven the architecture of many new buildings with high ceilings and large open areas, it becomes a challenge to protect these buildings with traditional smoke alarms and detection systems.  Video fire detection is now available to help provide better protection for these venues.  There are a number of different systems available depending on your facility.  The professionals at Reliable Fire & Security are available to design, install and maintain your video fire detection system.

An additional benefit to upgrading the fire protection system in your facility to include a video fire detection unit is that it also provides surveillance of the premises.  This adds an element of security for your facility that may not have been possible before.

Benefits of Video Fire Detection include:

  • Detects flame in seconds
  • Supplies vital, situational awareness through live video to remote locations
  • Triggers fire alarm systems
  • Provides pre-recorded video forensic evidence for future fire investigations
  • Provides video surveillance capabilities