Hazardous Spill Agents and Applicators

Hazardous Spill Agents and applicators for your specific needs

spill_pail_groupHazardous Spill Agents & Applicators

If you work directly with hazardous chemicals or they are a by-product of your manufacturing processes, then you understand how important it is for the safety of your employees and the environment that you provide the proper equipment and agents to effectively clean up any chemical spill that may be hazardous.  Hazardous chemicals require the use of special cleaning agents and applicators.  Reliable Fire & Security is able to provide you with the newest products and applicators that help to keep your employees and the environment safe.

Reliable Fire & Security is a proud distributor of Ansul products.  The SPILL-X product line consists of free-flowing treatment agents and offers an easy-to-use, safe and cost-effective spill control method agents neutralize, solidify and/or absorb spills.

Four agents are formulated for various needs, including:

  • SPILL-X-A for mineral and organic acid spills
  • SPILL-X-C for caustic and organic base spills
  • SPILL-X-S for common hydrocarbon solvents and fuel spills
  • SPILL-X-FP for formaldehyde spills

**Disposal of spill waste material must meet local, state, and federal regulations.

Spill-Gun Applicators

SPILL-X products from Ansul treat spills and can be applied by means of various application options, including the easy-to-use SPILL-GUN Applicators. These applicators can also be recharged in the field. They apply a SPILL-X free-flowing, dry chemical agent from a distance of 10 to 12 ft and can treat up to a 3 gal (11.4 L) spill, or 100 ft2 (9.3 m2).  SPILL-GUN Applicators are particularly useful when a spill spreads underneath equipment or around hard to reach areas.

spill_gun_groupThe spill control applicator consists of a spill control agent container, an expellant gas cartridge, a discharge hose, and a shut-off nozzle. The applicators are manufactured with corrosion-resistant surfaces.  This technology allows your employees to work from a distance to neutralize the hazard.

The design of the mobile unit allows it to be used in an industrial environment with ease.  In certain cases, when larger spills are a possibility, SPILL-GUN Wheeled Applicators may be the best fit for your organization. The SPILL-GUN Wheeled Applicators (in either 150 or 350 lb. capacity models) are capable of treating a larger spill and can be easily operated by one person. All wheeled applicators have corrosion-resistant finishes and low temperature capability as standard features. The manufacturer has a variety of wheel types available suitable for different types of terrain.  The professionals at Reliable Fire & Security can assist you with choosing the agents and applicators to meet your needs