ECARO-25 is a cost-effective, superior clean agent suppression system used to protect computers and other high value assetsWhen looking for a solution for fire suppression, there are several options that are equally as effective at putting out the fire, but may cause “collateral damage.”  Clean Agent fire suppression systems were created to help avoid further damage.  These agents are particularly useful in protecting high value assets such as machinery, computers and electronic equipment.  With a clean agent system, there is little to no downtime because there is no water or residue to clean up after a discharge.  This ensures your business can continue as soon as possible. Reliable Fire & Security is a proud distributor of Fike’s ECARO-25 clean agent fire protection system.

Fike’s ECARO-25 clean agent fire protection system requires 20-38% less clean agent per cubic foot/meter than other systems resulting in significant cost savings.  The clean agent used also uses a smaller diameter piping which makes the network design less expensive and easier to install. ECARO-25 clean agent systems are also non-ozone depleting helping to protect the environment. It is also USGBC LEED® Recognized.

Benefits of the ECARO-25 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System include:

  • No Residue
  • System Utilizes Less Agent
  • Environmentally Safe
  • More Efficient