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Intelligent Fire Alarms

addressable fire alarms provides fire fighters with the exact location of the fire


Intelligent Fire Alarms

Otherwise known as addressable fire alarms, intelligent control systems are more sophisticated than conventional fire alarm systems and are able to provide an exact location of the event.  These systems can range from simple using only one device to extremely complex housing several hundred devices.  For larger applications, intelligent fire alarms are the best choice.

These devices differ from their conventional counterparts because each device constantly communicates with the control panel.  Within seconds, alarms, supervisory and trouble conditions are alerted to the control panel and a precise location of the event is displayed.  Conventional alarm systems only “communicate” when there is an event.

Intelligent control systems are highly flexible as well.  This allows for greater customization dependent on the application.  These systems can incorporate a variety of devices offering you the protection you need.  The professionals at Reliable Fire Equipment Company can help create a solution for any number of situations.  We provide project management from inception to installation.  We employ licensed and NICET certified technicians for all of our installation projects.

Benefits of Intelligent Fire Alarms

  • Reduced alarm response time
  • Flexibility
  • Intelligence – devices communicate with the control panel and each other!

Reliable Fire Equipment Company provides regular inspection and maintenance service for all types of fire alarms.  Click here for information on our fire alarm inspection and maintenance services.