Cartridge Operated Extinguishers

cart operatedCartridge Operated

Designed for rugged industrial use, cartridge operated extinguishers are different from stored pressure extinguishers based on where the propellant for the extinguishing agent is stored.  In cartridge operated units, the dry chemical is stored in the non-pressurized cylinder while the propellant; either “dry air” or nitrogen is stored in a separate cartridge located on the side of the unit.

Cartridge operated units are preferred in the construction and heavy equipment industries for the following reasons:

  • heavy duty construction
  • simple design reduces possibility of failure
  • better suited for harsh environments

Industrial Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Similar to the multi-purpose uses of a regular dry chemical fire extinguisher, an industrial dry chemical fire extinguisher also protects against a number of common hazards.  However, the unique combination of specialized coating and paint on the cylinder makes this unit a better choice for corrosive and more industrial environments.

These units may be most useful in the chemical industry or marine environments.  Chemical storage areas, marinas, spray paint booths, and welding areas are only a few of the many uses for these types of extinguishers.  These units are rechargeable and manufactured with high quality, durable materials.