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Reliable Fire & Security provides high quality fire extinguishers, fire protection products and security systems as an industry leading systems integrator.

Reliable Fire Equipment Company announces a strategic rebranding in the Fire and Security Industries.


Love this company and all the awesome people. Bryant took care of me and got me exactly what I needed ! Thanks For being so helpful and professional, will definitely be doing business again with this company!

Ben Kamphuis

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150+ people die on average each year from consumer product-related carbon monoxide. Knowledge and awareness are the keys to protecting your family. Learn more about the dangers of carbon monoxide..
Reliable Fire and Security (800) 876-FIRE or visit..
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Fire Safety Tips for College Students.. When it comes to on-and off- campus housing, it's important for students and parents to keep fire safety on their mind. Check out the Graphic below.. #firesafetytipsreliablefireandsecurity #firesafetyforstudentsreliablefireandsecurity #firesafetyforparentsreliablefireandsecurity ...

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Fire Alarm Troubleshooting Chicago (800) 876-FIRE
Having issues with your Fire Alarm System? Beeping.. Trouble Lights? Reliable Fire and Security is your local Fire Alarm Experts. Call Today for FAST Onsite Service.
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Fire Sprinkler Service (800) 876-FIRE Reliable Fire and Security
Home, apartment, condos and commercial building owners and management companies should take the time now to ensure that sprinkler systems are adequately protected against pipes freezing. During long periods of below freezing temperatures exposed water-filled sprinkler pipes can freeze expanding the pipe to the point when it will break. Sprinkler pipes tend to freeze before other water pipes because the water is not moving. Most sprinkler systems are wet systems that contain water all the time.

When water freezes inside a sprinkler pipe, it creates an obstruction that can render the sprinkler system useless in the event of a fire. As the ice expands, it increases the internal water pressure in the pipe and causes the pipe to burst. Interestingly, the burst is often in a section of pipe that did not actually freeze.

Alternatively, the expanding ice can cause a pipe, fitting or sprinkler head to crack but the ice will block the flow of water while it is solid. In this case, the actual water damage will not be apparent until the ice melts and water flows out of the burst section.

When was the last time your Fire Sprinkler System was inspected? Call the Fire Protection Experts at Reliable Fire and Security. We have emergency service available 24/7. (800) 876-FIRE
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Did you know(to meet current fire codes) that your portable fire extinguisher shall not be obstructed or obscured from view? Your Fire Extinguishers must be readily accessible and immediately available at all times. There is an exception. There are certain locations where visual obstructions cannot be completely avoided. In these instances some type of indicator must be used to show the fire extinguisher location.
The "Fire Extinguisher Inside" label is one way to signify a fire extinguisher location.
For Fire Extinguisher signage or questions about our local fire codes, call the fire protection experts at Reliable Fire and Security. We are always happy to help.
Reliable Fire and Security (800) 876-FIRE
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