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Love this company and all the awesome people. Bryant took care of me and got me exactly what I needed ! Thanks For being so helpful and professional, will definitely be doing business again with this company!

Ben Kamphuis

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Mass Notification SystemsOver the last several years, the need to alert many people who may be located throughout a number of buildings, on a campus, or a wide area has grown considerably. Mass Notification is a complete solution that utilizes advanced technologies to notify people of danger and keep them up-to-date on the situation and guide them to safety. Mass notification systems utilize live or pre-recorded instructions to communicate critical information to your various groups quickly and accurately. Additional uses for such a mass notification system include:• Threat activities and warnings• Fire, explosion or chemical hazards• Suspicious/dangerous person alerts• Severe weather notifications• Power, operations or network disruptions• Planned service interruptions• Traffic or weather advisories• General announcementsThese mass notification systems can make a significant difference by helping to inform your employees and/or students about what is happening. Not only does this information broadcast inside and outside of the buildings on campus, but can also be integrated with most computer systems and social media, helping to ensure maximum message deliver-ability.Call Reliable Fire & Security the Experts in Fire Protection and Security at 708.597.4600 and visit us on the web at to see a complete list of services we can provide your business.One Call Does It All!™#fireprotection #fireextinguishers #firealarm #firesprinkler #security #CCTV #cloudbasedsolutions #cardaccess ... See MoreSee Less
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Fire Sprinkler Maintenance and Inspections? Call the fire sprinkler experts at Reliable Fire & Security. (800) 876-FIRE #firesprinklerinspections #firesprinklerexperts #firesprinklersystems #reliablefireandsecurity ... See MoreSee Less
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Many businesses employ identity management to allow secure access to different areas of a facilityturnstile door to the input of a stadium.Schools, universities, healthcare centers and Fortune 500 companies all have something in common. They have a need to protect customers and employees.One way these businesses are accomplishing their security objectives is by implementing an identity management system allowing secure access to different facilities. A few of the most common methods employed by these facilities include:• Basic proximity card readers• Smart cards with integrated chips• Turnstiles & Gate Access• Permissions and restrictions are associated with an employee or student’s identity. An identity management program will provide access and use information for all those who have cards including visitors who are issued temporary access to different areas.The professionals at Reliable Fire & Security can assist your company in developing a comprehensive integrated security system including identity management. Call us at 708-597-4600 and visit us on the web at #onecalldoesitall #fireprevention #security #cloudbasedsolutions #CCTV #cardaccess ... See MoreSee Less
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Good Afternoon Everyone! We made it through Thanksgiving! Hope you have an awesome week! If you're planning on celebrating with a Live Christmas Tree this year, here's some great fire safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association. And remember.. To cut down on potential fire hazards keep your Christmas Tree well-watered and keep it away from any heat source.Stay safe everyone!#staysafe #firesafety #holidaysafetytips #homefiresafety #reliablefireandsecurity ... See MoreSee Less
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Keep Your Commercial Kitchen SafeDeep FryersDeep fryers can quickly become a vat of fire fuel if proper precautions are not taken. The fire from your stovetop or range should be at least 16 inches from your friers. The fryers should be equipped with an automatic shut-off valve in case the unit catches on fire. This valve will stop the flow of combustible fuel from feeding the flames.OvensCommercial ovens should be cleaned regularly for not only health safety but for fire protection as well due to a build-up of combustible substances. Make sure your oven is placed away from other equipment to avoid heat transfer from one to the other. Hood and Ventilation SystemsAccording to NFPA code 96, every commercial kitchen must have a hood and ventilation system to prevent fire. The hood and ventilation system should be cleaned and maintained often to prevent buildup from accumulating on the outside and inside of your system. Every vent should have a grease filter that should drain into a non-flammable container. The hood should cover your entire cooking station including the ovens and fryers. It should also be structurally sound and made of noncombustible material. These systems should be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep them free of greasy buildup. Trash CansTrash cans should be emptied regularly to prevent the accumulation of fire fodder and be kept at a safe distance from open flames. Every trash can should also be equipped with a sturdy lid to keep its contents from becoming fuel in the event of a fire.Call Reliable Fire & Security, The Experts of Restaurant Suppression Systems at 708-597-4600! Visit us online at for a complete list of our fire protection and security services!One Call Does It All!™ ... See MoreSee Less
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