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Love this company and all the awesome people. Bryant took care of me and got me exactly what I needed ! Thanks For being so helpful and professional, will definitely be doing business again with this company!

Ben Kamphuis

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Early Beginnings of Fire AlarmsIn 1852, Dr. William F. Channing and Moses Farmer designed the first mechanical fire alarm. The system comprised two fire alarm boxes with a telegraphic key and a handle. If someone cranked the handle, an operator at a nearby station would alert the fire department to go to the scene of the fire. The system’s did not come with out drawbacks. The most significant disadvantage was that people couldn’t waste time cranking a handle rather than running away from a fire.In 1890, Francis Robbins Upton invented the first electrical fire alarm system. The system, although innovative for its day, was often overlooked. Notably, Upton didn’t work on the system alone; he received some help from his mentor, a man named Thomas Edison.Modern Smoke Detectors and Fire AlarmsDuane Pearsall and Stanley Bennett Peterson created the first “modern” smoke detector in 1965. The battery-powered smoke detector called the “SmokeGard 700,” was made of fire-resistant steel. The SmokeGard 700 set the bar for future smoke detectors, especially after researchers determined that similar devices detected fires quicker than heat detectors.Today, fire and smoke alarms are more advanced and last far longer than earlier designs. They’re far more effective, too. The batteries last longer, the detection is far more accurate, and they work automatically. Most importantly, they comply with the National Fire Alarm Code, a guideline for fire alarms and other fire codes.Unfortunately, around 30% of fire alarm systems for commercial buildings do not work, usually because of aging or dead batteries. Which highlights just how important it is to regularly have your smoke detectors and fire alarms regularly.Call Reliable Fire & Security to have your fire alarms and smoke detectors tested on a regular basis at 708.597.4600. Visit us on the web at for a list of services we provide to keep your assets safe! #onecalldoesitall #fireprotection #firesafety #fireextinguishers #security #womenownedbusiness ...
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Reliable Fire & Security is your local source for Exit and Emergency Light Inspections. We also stock replacement bulbs and batteries. To schedule an appointment call (800) 876-FIRE #exitandemergencylightinspections #exitlightservice #emergencylightservice #reliablefireandsecurity ...
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Automatic fire sprinkler systems have a centuries-old history dating back to the days of the painter of the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci.Fire sprinkler heads are what make a fire sprinkler system automatic. Today's fire sprinkler heads feature a small, mechanical part (either a glass bulb or a small metal link) that reacts to changes in temperature. When the air around a fire sprinkler reaches a specific temperature, this heat-sensitive part breaks or detaches, allowing water to flow.The origins of fire sprinkler systems date back to the 15th-century painter and inventor Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci is perhaps most famous today for painting the Mona Lisa, but he also invented what may be the world's earliest fire sprinkler system.The inventions he created to ensure that a dinner party he hosted ran smoothly. But unfortunately, it did just the opposite. Cooks unfamiliar with his super-hot oven burned the food. A fire broke out and the sprinkler system activated. It extinguished the fire, but ruined the food and the dinner party.Da Vinci's mixed experiment may have paved the way for future fire sprinkler systems, but the first automatic sprinklers emerged much later. Some of the first designs for an automatic sprinkler system developed in the early 1800s. By the 1870s, multiple American inventors had filed for patents on automatic fire sprinklers. While Phillip H. Pratt received the first patent in 1872, Henry S. Parmalee is viewed as the inventor of the first practical automatic sprinkler system two years later.Call Reliable Fire & Security for all your Fire prevention and Sprinkler System needs at 708-597-4600 and check out all our services on the web at #firesafety #firesuppression #fireextinguishers #onecalldoesitall #womenownedbusiness ...
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Fire is Everyone’s Fight. Please practice fire safety daily. Here’s a great fire safety video from the U.S. Fire Administration. #firesafetytips #reliablefireandsecurity ...
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