Graphic Annunciators

Graphic annunciators provide fire professional the exact location of the fire.

graphic annunciators

Graphic Annunciators Provide Critical Data

One of the most critical elements to extinguishing a fire is the ability to locate where the fire is. A graphic annunciator is a graphic software package with the capability of monitoring all devices. With a graphic annunciator, available for both conventional and Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems, you and/or fire fighters can pinpoint the fire alarm location within the floor layout. This saves time in checking areas that may not be affected and allows more time for evacuating occupants.

The professionals at Reliable Fire Equipment Company can assist you with choosing a graphic annunciator that is appropriate for your facility.  There are a number of options with these systems.  In some cases, all devices are shown with LEDs, and in other cases, the floor plan is divided into zones, with a zone LED, and corresponding device type LEDs.

As systems integrators, our certified technicians will do everything possible to integrate your systems, saving you time and money.  Different systems provide an overview of building floor plans to see active alarms, trouble conditions, water supplies, evacuation routes, access routes, utility shut-offs and other facility hazards.  All the information the professionals need to know will be at their fingertips.