Access Control Systems – Card Access

Protect and manage your employee access with easily integrated card access system.

card access

As a property or facility manager or as the person who is responsible for ensuring the facility is locked up after business hours, your main responsibility is to eliminate the risk that someone will enter your facility in order to steal or vandalize your property.  Locks and keys prevent unauthorized personnel from entering a building, however, keys are easily lost, stolen or may not be turned in when an employee leaves a company.  In these cases, in order to prevent unauthorized entry, the locks would need to be changed and new keys distributed.  This creates an inefficient and costly burden on the company.

Card Access Systems enhance your overall protection plan for managing risk.  These systems are quickly becoming the most popular method of protecting facilities.  With a card access system, all doors of the facility can remain locked at all times, except for those doors that are used by customers, typically remaining open only during hours of operation.

These systems help to protect your employees, facilities and property.  They have a number of additional benefits as well.

Benefits of Card Access Systems:

  • HR Interface – data is entered once, reducing errors
  • Accessibility of Information – In the event of an emergency, access to which employees may still be in the building.
  • Controlled Entry into authorized areas.  This allows a facility to manage the number of employees allowed into certain areas like computer rooms.
  • Hard and Soft Anti-Pass back – In these cases, the turnstile will not allow a card to be used more than once.  Soft Anti-Pass back will allow access, however, it is reported so that a manager may take later action.
  • Input/Output linking – If an entrance is breached, for example, the lights may turned on.

Managing the entry and exit is important for a variety of reasons, particularly in facilities where there may be a need to control access to proprietary information, the need to perform certain procedures only if there is no one in the facility, etc.  Facilities that manage document control or have a significant amount of personal and/or medical records also have a need to protect this information and the personnel that have access to it at all times.

At Reliable Fire & Security we offer an extensive line of Access Control Systems such as Identicard, AMAG and Honeywell.  We offer a variety of systems to meet the unique needs of a variety of organizations including:

  • Biometric and HID Proximity Readers
  • Gate Control
  • Metal Detection Systems
  • Photo ID Badge Systems
  • Physical and Optical Turnstiles

There are many systems and the combinations of equipment are endless.  Let the professionals at Reliable Fire & Security help guide you through each step of the equipment selection process.  They will provide recommendations on equipment and placement, and manage your project from quote to implementation, installation and training.