Restaurant Hoods & Ducts

Reliable Fire is the expert in Restaurant Fire Suppression and offers a variety of restaurant hoods and ducts

inspecting restaurant hoodsRestaurant Hoods & Ducts

According to the National Restaurant Association, 8,000 drinking and eating establishments report a fire each year and approximately 57% of those restaurant fires involve the cooking equipment.  Based on the combination of open flames, cooking oils, electrical connections, cleaning chemicals and paper products, restaurants and other industrial kitchens require special fire protection.  Improved efficiency and a change in the oils used in cooking have created a scenario that combines higher temperatures with oils that have a higher autoignition temperature in which they can spontaneously ignite.

Pre-Engineered Wet Chemical Suppression Systems

Restaurant fire suppression systems are designed to work in the unique set of circumstances posed by commercial kitchens. Reliable Fire & Security has a number of products for kitchen fire suppression.  We recommend the installation of a pre-engineered wet chemical suppression system, specifically designed for the hazards of a commercial kitchen.

Pre-engineered wet chemical systems have pre-determined flow rates and quantities of extinguishing agent, as well as the specific pipe sizes, number and types of nozzles prescribed by the manufacturer. It is important to have these systems installed by a qualified fire protection contractor. Reliable Fire & Security will also perform your semi-annual inspections, including fusible link replacement, in order to ensure proper operation of the system.