Air Purifying Respirators

Reliable Fire & Security recommends the air purifying respirators from Survivair, allowing you superior flexibility, convenience, and cost savings.  The Survivair 2000 series is the industry’s best fitting and most comfortable half mask air purifying respirator. It’s made of a revolutionary silicone material that’s softer and more pliable than other mask materials. It has a large sealing surface, self-adjusting nosebridge area, and an improved yoke design headstrap. The 2000 series is durable and available in small, medium, and large sizes as well as a variety of colors.

Unique Cartridge Type Air Purifying Respirator
We call it the MC for “multi-contaminant,” and it is one of the most innovating air purifying respirator cartridges available for use today.  It is NIOSH/MSHA approved for more then ten specific contaminants, including:

•Chlorine dioxide
•Hydrogen chloride
•Hydrogen fluoride
•Hydrogen sulfide (escape only)
•Organic vapors
•Sulfur dioxide
•All classes of particulate contaminants

Simplification in Air Purifying Respirator Program Management
One of the most difficult parts of any air purifying respiratory program is the management of the cartridge inventory and dispensing. Care must be taken so that the right cartridges are immediately available, and that the right cartridge is issued for the specific contaminant expected in the workplace.   With the MC, multi-contaminant cartridge, the inventory issues and all of the dispensing problems associated with managing an air purifying respiratory program, are behind you.

One Call Does It All Respiratory Protection
When you need respiratory protection for workers exposed to potentially harmful dusts and gases in the workplace, we have the correct equipment for your needs. For additional assistance on air purifying respirators or self contained breathing apparatus please call and speak with one of our professionals.