Mass Notification

Over the last several years, the need to alert many people who may be located throughout a number of buildings, on a campus, or a wide area has grown considerably. Mass Notification is a complete solution that utilizes advanced technologies to notify people of danger and keep them up-to-date on the situation and guide them to safety. Mass notification systems utilize live or pre-recorded instructions to communicate critical information to your various groups quickly and accurately. Additional uses for such a mass notification system include:

  • Threat activities and warnings
  • Fire, explosion or chemical hazards
  • Suspicious/dangerous person alerts
  • Severe weather notifications
  • Power, operations or network disruptions
  • Planned service interruptions
  • Traffic or weather advisories
  • General announcements

These mass notification systems can make a significant difference by helping to inform your employees and/or students about what is happening.  Not only does this information broadcast inside and outside of the buildings on campus, but can also be integrated with most computer systems and social media, helping to ensure maximum message deliver-ability.

The area of Mass Notification & Emergency Communications continues to evolve. Incorporating emergency communications and mass notification messaging must be incorporated into an organization’s fire and life safety systems. An MNS does not simply involve retrofitting a fire alarm system to communicate non-fire related signals, nor is it a system of loudspeakers placed around a campus. Yet, to be an effective tool, the MNS should be developed as part of an ECS that easily and effectively notifies occupants of an emergency and actions that should be taken.