Fire Extinguisher Training

Reliable Fire offers certified live fire or simulated fire training to help prepare your employees.

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Fire Safety – Everyone’s Responsibility

Approximately 1300 workplaces experience a severe fire each week. Five thousand injuries and approximately 200 deaths are reported annually in these fires. Property losses from workplace fires are more than $2 billion annually. One of the most important responsibilities you have as an employer is to protect your employees from harm. According to OSHA, 85% of workplace fires are caused by factors directly related to human behavior. However, by implementing a fire prevention plan and properly training your employees, you can reduce the probability of a fire in your organization.

One of the most important pieces to the fire prevention plan is to train your employees in the differences and use of fire extinguishers. Fire extinguisher training helps employees identify possible fire hazards that exist in your specific environment. For example, organizations that process chemicals have very different hazards as opposed to a restaurant with large commercial ovens and fryers.

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Reliable Fire & Security has trained professionals that will come to your facility and train your employees at your convenience. We provide live fire as well as a simulated fire training  that is used year-round. Employees participate in an interactive training session that will help prepare them to react in the event of a fire. Contact Reliable Fire & Security to discuss your training needs.