IP Video & Video Management


Security camerasEach industry is faced with its own unique set of security issues.  Whether you are looking to provide security for improved safety, as a deterrent for vandalism or loss prevention, an IP video system and video management can be modified to achieve a number of goals.   Why IP video?  This technology helps to achieve greater security and provides higher quality video with more detail than a typical analog camera including:  facial recognition, the ability to discern license plates and can also be upgraded to include thermal imaging for clear images at night.  The experts at Reliable Fire & Security have extensive knowledge and experience working with a variety of industries, helping to provide customized security solutions in order to minimize risk.  Reliable is an industry leader in systems integration for IP-based video.

As a proud partner of Salient Systems, please download this white paper about moving from analog to IP cameras.  Click here to download!


Our own network certified personnel are responsible for providing the service and maintenance on all systems that will ensure the equipment performs optimally.  These systems may include a combination of the following network cameras:

  • IP video cameras
  • Fixed cameras
  • Fixed domes,
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras
  • PTZ domes,
  • HDTV
  • Thermal cameras for day/night and indoor/outdoor use

Video Encoders/Decoders

With the use of video encoders, businesses that currently utilize analog video cameras can cost-effectively integrate these units into an IP-based video system.  Encoders will convert analog video into IP video while decoders can convert IP video into analog.  Depending on the service you need, Reliable will help to develop a solution to meet your needs.

Video Management

Your network video capability is capable of more than just streaming your security video footage.  Let the professionals at Reliable Fire Equipment Company assist you with maximizing your network capabilities.  Our video management software will allow remote viewing, recording and event management.

As a proud distributor of Samsung Techwin products, Reliable Fire is pleased to share the following video about their high quality products and cutting-edge technology.

Samsung Technology