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Reliable Fire & Security is honored to be an extension of the Knox Company as their local expert in providing rapid access solutions. As a Knox Trusted Partner, Reliable Fire & Security works closely with fire departments and law enforcement agencies to maintain the integrity of the Knox Rapid Access System. Reliable Fire & Security will provide local code and product application expertise, inventory, installation and support to building owners, contractors and fire departments on a local basis.

Reliable Fire & Security‘s goal is to ensure business owners and facility managers receive the most efficient and effective solution offerings, application and installation processes. Leveraging deep knowledge in fire, security and suppression with a strong reputation as a provider, Reliable Fire & Security is committed to helping you with your rapid access solution needs to enable first responders immediate entry into your property with minimal force, damage and delay.

Knox Quality Standard That You Can Expect From A Knox Trusted Partner

Rapid Access Solutions

Knox’s premier line of Rapid Access Solutions help building owners and managers preserve and protect their properties.
Aligning with Protex Central as a Trusted Partner now elevates an owner’s assurance of greater service to deliver:

  • Local Code Knowledge
  • Application and Product Expertise
  • Local Inventory
  • Installation and Support to:
    • Building owners
    • Contractors
    • Fire departments

Discover where Knox products provide first responders access to secured areas on your property.

Knox Products

Knox FDC Lock™

Locking mechanism secures and protects FDCs (fire sprinkler systems) against damage, vandalism and debris. Helps avoid costly back flushing service and replacement fees.

Key Features

  • FDC Locks: 2.5" and 1.5" diameter sizes; Storz Locks: 5" and 4" diameter sizes
  • FDC Swivel-Guard™ provides enhanced security against vandalism


Provides emergency responders rapid access without forcing entry, minimizing critical delays, injuries and property damage.

Key Features

  • KnoxBox stores 10 keys max. KnoxVault stores up to 50 keys, FDC Keywrench, and/or access cards.
  • 3 color options: Aluminum, Black, Dark Bronze
  • 2 mounting options: recessed or surface
  • Optional Knox Tamper Alert connects to building’s alarm system for extra security

Knox Document Cabinet™

Provides emergency responders immediate access on-site to hazardous material data, critical emergency response documents, and interior keys.

Key Features

  • Holds critical emergency response documents plus up to 231 keys and/or access cards
  • Optional Knox Tamper Alert connects to building’s alarm system for extra security

Knox Elevator Box™

Provides quick access to the correct elevator drop key and interior keys to open an inoperable elevator and critical locked areas within a building.

Key Features

  • Holds 2 elevator door drop keys and up to 31 keys with optional key hook expansion panel
  • 3 color options: Red, Aluminum, Dark Bronze
  • Optional Knox Tamper Alert connects to building’s alarm system for extra security

Knox Padlocks™

Provides rapid access into multifamily residences, gated communities, and temporary construction sites. Can be daisy-chained with a property owner padlock providing access for both the property owner and emergency responders.

Key Features

  • 3 padlock types available: shrouded, exterior, and interior
  • Shackles are thicker than most standard padlocks and built to resist pull attacks
  • Lock cover protects against harsh weather conditions

Knox Gate & Key Switch™

Overrides electric gates in residential communities, parking garages and industrial gated areas.

Key Features

  • Available as a single or dual key switch, with or without mounting plate
  • Dual locks enable shared access with other agencies
  • Lock cover protects against extreme weather conditions

Knox Remote Power Box™

Used to remotely operate a shunt trip breaker to safely remove or isolate power from a building or equipment.

Key Features

  • Colors available: Red only
  • 2 mounting options: recessed or surface
  • Optional Knox Tamper Alert connects to building’s alarm system for extra security

Knox Standpipe Lock™

Safeguards discharge standpipes and wall hydrants ensuring operational integrity for connections critical to fighting fire.

Key Features

  • Standard threads are NH (3.068 X 7.5TPI) but can be customized to fit any 2.5" thread pattern
  • Watertight
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction to resist physical attack