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A new NOTIFIER Bi-Directional Amplifier video is now available. This video is designed to raise awareness of the potential issues that can arise without a reliable communication system, explain the benefits of BDA, and showcase the positive impact it can have for emergency and first responders. Click Here to view the new BDA video.

Our Core Values

We recently took some time away from working “in” the business and worked “on” the business using a method Called EOS or Enterprise Operating System.  One of the outcomes was to ask ourselves what was important about how and why we do business.  Here’s what we came up with. HONESTY: We communicate with genuine honesty […]

Significant New Tax Incentive!


NFPA Safety Source – Jan. 2018

Read the new issue of NFPA’s Safety Source newsletter

Don’t take the risk refilling 1lb cylinders

We take safety seriously and agree strongly with the US DOT caution against refilling one pound propane tanks.  Please watch the video Here for the compelling story.