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Server Room Safety

Your server room is one of the worst possible places for any fire to start. Business and organization interruption are inevitable and while hardware can be replaced in time, very often up-to-date data cannot. Even if the fire is quickly contained, smoke from a fire can lead to extensive IT server and network peripheral damage […]

Exit And Emergency Lighting

Numerous regulatory agencies and codes govern emergency lighting and exit sign requirements. Aside from being code compliant, employers must also follow the requirements of their local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). Chicago has their unique codes and requirements for exit signs and emergency lighting. Reach out to your local fire marshal or inspector to see what […]

Panic Buttons

In today’s world, in just about any business, there is a chance that an angry or unstable customer, disgruntled employee, someone with a mental illness, or a thief will cause or threaten violence in a commercial establishment. Installation of a panic button is a great way to potentially diminish this danger. A panic button is […]

Fire Code Deficiencies

When you are running a business, it’s easy to forget about things like your building’s fire protection systems. The importance of adhering to fire code  can never be underestimated. They not only ensure that those in a workplace or home are safe, but they also make sure that insurance policies on a building are not compromised. […]

Has your commercial structure had a Backflow Inspection?

Backflow assemblies can potentially fail without inspections. Deficiency can occur if there is any sediment or any kind of buildup inside the backflow assemblies. Even a very small piece of debris can damage the backflow assembly. This can lead to watersafety system from functioning properly. If backflow is occurring, t he systemate to the drinking […]

Condemed Fire Extinguishers

A properly maintained fire extinguisher has the potential to last up to 20 years or more. But in some cases, it is safer and more cost-effective to simply replace the unit rather than continue servicing it, especially if it has not been properly maintained over the years or has seen better days. Business owners are […]

Inspecting Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are important tools in fire prevention. But just because your company has smoke detectors installed does not necessarily mean your business and employees are safe. As smoke detectors age, they can become less sensitive. This can render them ineffieicent. NFPA 72 requires that smoke detectors are regularly tested for both functionality and sensitivity.  […]