Manufacturing Facilities

From industrial processing and manufacturing to steel mills, Reliable Fire & Security has the industry background and knowledge to help keep your employees and facilities safe and protected from catastrophic events. Incident reports demonstrate that over forty thousand fires occur each year. According to the NFPA, structure fires are more common in manufacturing or processing properties.  In 2012, approximately 77% of large loss property fires were in facilities that were used for industrial, manufacturing and other business purposes.

Due to the hazardous and flammable materials often used or stored at industrial facilities, fires at these locations can be catastrophic. However, it has also been shown that almost all workplace fires can be prevented. Production and manufacturing facilities, in particular, must remain constantly vigilant about fire safety. New processes, the use of unfamiliar ingredients and/or new materials may change what is needed for fire protection. Experts at Reliable Fire & Security are familiar with the latest industry trends and up-to-date technology that is right for your organization. We also offer training programs to help you minimize your risk.

Many manufacturing and other industrial facilities are still in need of:

  • Fire walls and other possible barriers in large plants
  • Roof deck fire spread tests
  • Regular testing of sprinkler flows
  • Upgrade warehouse sprinkler protection to accommodate storage of more combustible commodities
  • Smoke control in buildings with sensitive equipment
  • Fire resistant electrical cables
  • Adequate emergency egress provisions
  • Improved protection of flammable liquid warehouses

Security systems help to secure the premises and minimize the potential for loss.  Raw materials, finished product and inventory must be protected.  The professionals at Reliable Fire & Security are industry leading integrators that can work  with you to design an integrated monitoring system that provides fire and security systems that are efficient and effective.  We will perform a system analysis that will outline and vulnerabilities and make recommendations to upgrade your current system.