Suppression Systems

Reliable Fire is an industry leading distributor of a variety of fire suppression systems and components.  6ProInertTanks_loresIn order to protect your employees and your property from fire hazards, it is often necessary to have more than fire extinguishers placed around your facility, though these items still pay a vital role in protecting your organization.  Protecting a large amount of area or a small area that houses your facility’s data requires a system that is specially designed for fire protection and will not cause damage to the very items that they are protecting.  Fire suppression systems have become vital to many different industries because of their value in helping to control the damage and loss to expensive and otherwise invaluable data and equipment.

The systems use different methods for detection including heat sensors and manual detection.  Upon activation, the system will deliver the appropriate amount of fire suppressant agent to the affected area in order to put out the fire.  There are a number of suppressant agents that have a multitude of uses.  Each organization presents a new challenge depending on the industry, sector and processes.  The experts at Reliable Fire & Security will provide you with a recommendation that is right for your facility.

You may choose from several systems including:

Reliable Fire & Security provides inspection and maintenance services for all of these suppression systems.  For information on our inspection and maintenance services, please click here.