Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

Integrate security devices through the use of PSIMMany of our customers have existing electronic security systems that utilize different technologies to accomplish their security objectives.  There is a growing need by clients to integrate these technologies and make them more cost-effective.  However, the different platforms that exist in a business can create a challenge in any attempt to manage them efficiently.  Simply replacing any piece of the system often proves too costly.  The solution is a Physical Security Information Management system.

PSIM is designed to integrate the various security applications and devices and allow the user to control them through one complete software program.   Reliable Fire & Security is a leading systems integrator and will work to ensure that your building’s fire and security systems work together in order to operate more efficiently.  A PSIM integration allows these systems to connect at the data level.  The benefits of this type of integration include:

  • Better data collection and analysis
  • Better verification and reporting
  • More opportunity for expansion of existing system
  • Reduced implementation costs through better use of existing systems