Fire Alarms & Life Safety

Reliable is your number one provider for fire alarm and life safety systems

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According to the NFPA, there is a structure fire reported every 66 seconds.  The presence of a fire alarm or fire alarm system  can help to significantly reduce the possibility of loss of life and property.  The professionals at Reliable Fire & Security will work with you from analysis and system layout to implementation.

Our NICET (National Institute for Certification Engineering in Technologies) certified technicians review all system layouts and provide expert installation.  Upon installation, regular inspection and maintenance services are required for continued compliance.


Detection and Alarm Systems

Whether you have a simple office complex or a high rise, Reliable Fire & Security can recommend a variety of systems from small, conventional systems to large networked systems.  Our high quality products detect a fire at its incipient stage to provide the earliest warning to occupants to safely evacuate the building.  One-way and two-way voice evacuation systems can further enhance the warning capabilities to ensure additional safe and orderly evacuation, if required.  Reliable Fire has additional products and services to further augment your detection and alarm systems including:

  • Conventional Programmable Fire Alarm Systems
  • Flame Detection Systems
  • Class 1 & Class 2
  • 1-way/2-way Communication
  • Elevator Recall
  • Door Unlocking
  • Annunciators
  • Voice Evacuation

Air Sampling Smoke Detection

In order to provide the earliest possible warning in the event of a fire, an air sampling smoke detection system constantly samples the air in a protected area and analyzes the sample for presence of minute particles that are generated during a fire.  This type of system is far more sensitive than a regular smoke detection system