Fire Protection and Security in Retail Spaces

Reliable provides fire and security services especially designed for retail spaces.

Fire Protection and Security in Retail Facilities

Fire protection and security in retail spaces can be easily integrated to save you time and money. As a manager of a retail establishment, there are numerous considerations to be made in order to protect your facility and inventory.  Shrinkage is a serious concern of many retail establishments.  One solution that can act as a deterrent to theft is a fully integrated security system, which includes the use of CCTV and video alarm monitoring.   The professionals at Reliable Fire & Security have vast industry knowledge and experience to help create a customized solution for your retail environment.  They will perform a system analysis that will identify areas of vulnerability or concern.  Strategic placement of equipment will allow you to view all areas in an attempt to prevent theft.  An integrated life safety and security system provides complete protection for your personnel, property and assets combined with an inspection and maintenance plan ensures that your systems continue to operate effectively.

Reliable Fire & Security specializes in a variety of services for retail property owners including:

  • Fire Alarms, Inspections & Maintenance
  • Portable Extinguishers
  • IP Video Cameras, Security Systems and Video Monitoring