Voice Evacuation

Voice Evacuation provides for more effective, safer and quicker evacuation of a buildingvoice evacuationIn the event of a fire, it is easy to become disoriented and panic.  People know that they need to evacuate, however, what do they do if their chosen path of egress is the area with the fire?  Voice evacuation systems allow for a controlled evacuation as people may be given clear and concise directions of where to evacuate.  Intelligent fire alarm systems combined with a voice evacuation system helps to improve survivability in the event of a fire.

Let the professionals at Reliable Fire & Security help you determine the type of fire alarm and voice evacuation system that is right for you.  This is often dependent on the building type and the number of occupants.  Your fire alarm system must meet requirements set by the NFPA #72 Standard. Voice evacuation systems should be designed to operate even in the event of a power failure or outage as this can often occur during a fire or other hazardous events.

Similar to fire alarm systems, voice evacuation systems must also be inspected and maintained on a regular basis, often together, to assure that detectors, fire alarm stations, control panels, water flow switches and emergency voice evacuation system accessories are properly functioning.

The benefits of voice evacuation systems include:

  • An effective, fast, safe evacuation guide for emergencies.
  • All instructions are verbally clear and concise for occupants when it comes to location/proximity to the fire emergency.
  • The voice evacuation systems come with a back-up voice evacuation amplifier to increase survivability and reduce other emergency risks that could prevent safe evacuations.
  • Voice evacuation messages are highly customizable to provide the best life safety and fire emergency alerts.

Reliable Fire & Security provides design, installation, programming and training for fire alarm and voice evacuation systems.