UL Certification

Reliable Fire holds its UL certification as a fire alarm installerMore cities are now requiring fire alarm systems to be installed by a UL certified installer. Reliable Fire & Security has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories since 1989. The certification of a fire alarm system verifies that the alarm was installed in compliance with building and safety code requirements.   UL Certification of your alarm system delivers the highest level of confidence available in today’s market.

UL’s alarm system certification programs provide authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) and insurance companies with a reliable means of identifying code-complying fire alarm systems.  Reliable Fire & Security is proud to be a UL Certified Installer of Fire Alarm Systems helping to give our customers peace of mind in knowing that their system is in complete compliance.

UL visits each listed alarm company like Reliable annually to verify the compliance of the alarm service covered by UL Certificates and to verify that controls are in place to assure continued compliance.  This helps Reliable Fire & Security deliver the highest quality fire alarm system and that it is compliant with current codes.

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