Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection from Reliable protects your business and its assetsIntrusion detection provides security for a business by using monitoring and detection equipment.  These systems create a strong defense with visible deterrents, like cameras, and hidden sensors.  The professionals at Reliable Fire & Security will perform a system analysis that will help determine the security system that will work best for you.

Securing the premises of your building is a good first step and includes a range equipment and technology that work together to alert you at the first sign of an attempted intrusion.

  • Door contacts are used for all windows that can open and all entry doors.
  • Glass break detectors use sound or vibration sensing to trigger an alarm.
  • Motion detectors sense movement near points of entry.
  • Outdoor surveillance cameras act as a deterrent.

The professionals at Reliable Fire & Security provide expert design, installation and servicing of intrusion detection systems. We also help maximize the benefits of your systems by providing integration services for your card access, IP video, fire alarm and other building systems to work more efficiently and effectively.  This gives you the most benefit for your investment.