Fire Hose

Fire hose

Fire Hose

Many commercial and industrial customers must be prepared to handle a variety of situations in order to protect their equipment and other property from fire.  Reliable Fire & Security has a variety of fire hoses, couplings, nozzles, brass caps, fire fighting monitors, and more!   It is also important that this equipment works properly when you need it.  We provide hydrostatic testing and maintenance services on fire hoses and nozzles.  Talk with your account manager to learn the maintenance schedule that is right for your equipment.

Single Jacket Fire Hose
Single jacket constructions consist of a thermoplastic or synthetic rubber liner combined with a closely woven textile “single jacket.” The jacket may be a combination of cotton and polyester, or 100% synthetic material.

Double Jacket Fire Hose
Double jacket constructions include a second, closely woven jacket for extra durability, safety, and higher test pressures. The jackets are matched to ensure a precision fit.

Nitrile Coated Fire Hose
Synthetic nitrile rubber provides a rugged cover for this lightweight single jacket hose intended for use in industrial environments. The deep ribbed pattern offers excellent abrasion resistance and the homogeneous heavy-duty, one-piece cover and liner construction resists heat and most chemicals.

Pin Rack Fire Hose
Pin Rack Hose is a thermoplastic lined hose intended for easy pin rack storage and maintenance. This lightweight construction is normally furnished with Underwriters Laboratories and/or Factory Mutual labels.

Covered Fire Hose
Covered fire hose is an all-polyester, single jacket hose spirally wrapped with a Neoprene or synthetic rubber outer covering. The covering gives the hose outstanding resistance to chemicals, heat, abrasion, ozone, and other conditions encountered in petrochemical and other severe environments.

Hard Suction Fire Hose
Hard suction hose is manufactured for pump suction service on fire engines. Many different styles are available from conventional, corrugated, wire reinforced, etc. The outer cover is typically made of a long wearing, ozone resistant, synthetic rubber.

Booster Fire Hose
Booster hose is a high pressure hose, typically 800 PSI working pressure, with a vertical braid construction overlaid with a premium ozone resistant cover.


The Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association released this educations video on the features and benefits of standpipe rack hoses.  Click on the image below to watch this video.


Rack Hose Video for High Rise Buildings