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Linear Heat Detection

Linear heat detection systems

Linear Heat DetectionLinear Heat Detection Systems

Particularly harsh business environments call for specialized fire protection and equipment.  One specialized piece of equipment is a Linear Heat Detection System.  These units are well suited for harsh environmental conditions, where maintenance access is located in a hazardous area and/or where there is a need to install a fire detection unit close to the hazard.

The linear heat detection cable usually runs along the length of a facility and can detect changes in the heat of an environment.  Once a certain temperature is reached, the cable initiates the fire alarm at the control panel.  The professionals at Reliable Fire & Security will work with your facility to determine whether or not a linear heat detection unit will work for you.  Some benefits of a linear heat detector include:

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Minimal false alarms
  • Provides hazard coverage at every point on the cable for maximum protection
  • Compatible with intelligent and conventional detection and fire alarm panels
  • Available in a variety of lengths, cable coatings and alarm temperatures for maximum flexibility