Clean Agent Extinguishers



So many businesses today rely heavily on technology and communications in order to keep operating.  So much so, in fact, that without this equipment, the business would have a very difficult time performing regular operating processes.  The need to protect equipment became as important as putting out the fire itself.  In response to this need, clean agent extinguishers were created.  They are electrically non-conductive, environmentally friendly and very low in toxicity.

As the name suggests, clean agent extinguishers do not leave behind any residue, therefore, there is no cleanup after a discharge.  They are designed to protect commercial and industrial facilities that contain sensitive or irreplaceable equipment, data and other property that could be destroyed if an alternative agent, such as dry chemical or water were used to extinguish a fire.  This makes these extinguishers ideal for use in areas such as:

  • Data/document storage facilities
  • Communications areas
  • Laboratories
  • Museums and art galleries

These units are extremely versatile and rated for Class A, B, and C fires, making them a very economical choice for many organizations.

 MR Conditional Extinguishers

mri extin

Designed for use in some of the most sensitive settings, MR conditional extinguishers are clean agent devices in a non-magnetic cylinder.  It is non-conductive and will not damage electronic equipment.  This is important in environments that typically have expensive technological equipment and/or manufacturing processes that could be compromised by the presence of a magnetic cylinder.

The most common uses for these types of extinguishers include magnetic imaging rooms, such that you might find in a hospital or other healthcare facility, and semiconductor processing or manufacturing facilities.