Foam Extinguishers

foamAn alternative to water and dry chemical extinguishers for Class A and B fires is a foam extinguisher.  Foam agents work well on combustible materials like wood, paper, and cloth as well as flammable oils, diesel fuel, and alcohols to name a few.  They are non-toxic and extinguish the fire by forming a blanket on the surface of the burning hazard, which both cools and smothers the fire by removing the oxygen.  Removing the heat and oxygen from the fire also helps to prevent re-ignition.

Foam extinguishers can be used where flammable liquids are transported, processed, stored or used as an energy source.

Aqueous Film Forming Foam – AFFF extinguishes flammable liquid fires by forming an aqueous film on the surface of the liquid solutions.  This type of extinguisher is particularly useful for a fire that may not be affected by water.  The AFFF can quickly bring a fire under control.  These foam solutions can be applied to a fire using either aspirating or non-aspirating devices.

Film Forming Fluoroprotein – FFFP FOAM is appropriate to use for Class A and B fires. The Alcohol Resistant fire-fighting agent is particularly effective on fires of Class B materials including: alcohols, polar solvents, hydrocarbons and combinations such as gasohol. A unique benefit for the foam-extinguishing agent is that it may be applied to a non-ignited Class B liquid spill to help seal the surface and prevent a serious fire from occurring.