K-Class Extinguishers

restaurant_exting_newReliable Fire & Security understands the special needs of commercial and industrial kitchens. They require fire extinguishers specifically designed to fight a fire that often contains a mixture of high heat and cooking oil and/or grease.  We recommend K-Class and F-Class fire extinguishers for commercial and industrial kitchens, depending on your situation.  K-Class units also meet NFPA #10 solid fuel cooking requirements.  Each unit contains a special potassium acetate based, low PH extinguishing agent developed for use in pre-engineered restaurant kitchen fire suppression systems.  This type of extinguisher uses the same fire suppressing chemical as is used in the restaurant suppression systems.

Efficient cooking appliances and use of unsaturated cooking oils requires the use of a hand portable extinguisher with greater fire fighting capacity and cooling effect to combat these very difficult fires.  Commercial and industrial kitchens, restaurants and food preparation areas found in convenience stores, hospitals, food courts and school cafeterias would benefit from these fire extinguishers.  K-Class extinguishers are designed to meet the needs of commercial kitchens that use high-efficiency cooking appliances and high temperature cooking oils.  We recommend that K-Class fire extinguishers be used near:

  • Deep Fryers
  • Griddles

F-Class extinguishers are liquid agent fire extinguishers used as a back up to an automatic fire suppression system and are particularly useful near:

  • Fryers
  • Griddles
  • Upright, natural charcoal,
  • Chain-type broilers
  • Electric, lava rock, mesquite or gas-radiant char broilers

Please contact a professional at Reliable Fire & Security to help you determine which fire extinguisher is right for your facility.  We will also help you determine the proper placement for each unit so that you have the equipment you need when you need it!

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