Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems are specially designed for the unique demands of the industrial, construction and mining industries. It is also useful for large, specialty vehicles. These systems use either Class ABC or Class BC dry chemical to suppress fire. Pound for pound, dry chemical suppresses more fire than any other agent, providing both rapid suppression and protection against fire re-ignition.

The combination of highly flammable fuels, oils and hydraulic fluid flowing through pressurized lines in near proximity to super-heated engine blocks, manifolds and turbochargers creates the perfect environment for a fire to develop, particularly because these elements exist in extreme types of situations for long periods of time, creating stress on the machines.

Under these circumstances, a dry chemical fire detection/suppression system is recommended in order to help minimize repairs and replacement, reduce downtime and help prevent operator injury. With dry chemical suppression systems, a fire in process equipment can be rapidly detected, extinguished and production resumed.

Dry Chemical Suppression Systems allow the agent to flow readily into areas where flammable liquids may settle which provides fire suppression and cooling of the superheated surfaces. It blankets the fuel and removes the oxygen, preventing reflash.

Industries that use Dry Chemical Fire Suppressant Systems

  • Agribusiness
  • Aviation
  • Forestry
  • Metal Processing
  • Power Generation
  • Mining
  • Transportation
  • Waste Processing