Halon 1301

Reliable Fire Equipment provides Halon 1301 system rechargesHistory on Halon

When Halon 1301 came on the market in the 1960’s, it was seen as the most effective gaseous fire-fighting agent ever developed. It found widespread application in the protection of data processing rooms, telecommunications switches, art and historical collections, process control rooms, etc.  However, by the late 1980’s a great deal of scientific evidence indicated that the agent was an ozone-depleting chemical and the Montreal Protocol of 1987 required a phase out of new production. The fire protection industry began the search for Halon alternatives.

Current Status of Halon 1301 Systems

If you have Halon systems currently installed in your company facilities and they are located in the United States, you need to know the following facts:RELIABLE 073

  • You are under no legal obligation to remove systems from service.
  • There is no federal legal requirement to remove systems from service by any specific date.
  • You may legally recharge your system in the event of a discharge.
  • **Recycled agent may be available for system recharge provided that the re-build kits are available for your specific valve.

The professionals at Reliable Fire & Security recommend that over time, you should plan to replace your current system with a Halon alternative.  With a complete system assessment, we will provide you with an equivalent alternative and cost effective solution.  Alternative systems include:

  • Inergen
  • FM-200
  • FE-13
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Halon Services from Reliable 

Reliable Fire & Security can perform maintenance on your systems as required under the requirements of NFPA standard #12A. We have recycled agent in the event you require recharge.  However, recycled agent may be available for system recharge provided that the re-build kits are available for your specific valve. We will purchase 1301 from you and can offer you a trade in on your system when installing an alternative agent system.

For more assistance on Halon, please call and speak with one of our experts today.

Replacing your Halon System?


Replacing your Halon fire suppression system may be easier than you think!  Minimax Fire Protection has developed a way for most companies to utilize their existing Halon piping network.  Read this white paper to find out more!  Click here to download.