Inergen and Pro-Inert are safe fire suppression alternatives to Halon 1301 systemsclean_agent_groupInergen
We all know that fires can happen anytime, anywhere. Evacuation of a space may not always be possible before the fire suppressing chemical agent is dispersed. Inergen is a clean fire suppressant agent used by a variety of industries to protect lives and property. There may be very little time between alarm and agent release. In this case, it is vitally important to protect people from the very chemical that is trying to protect them from the fire. Using Inergen is one of the safest suppression agents for people, although, it is recommended for people to evacuate any area in which a suppression system has discharged a chemical.

An Inergen Fire Suppression System protects enclosed areas where people may be present and where conventional agents cannot be used as they may damage property. Once activated, the Inergen Fire Suppression System discharges the chemical agent. The agent fills the room, remaining suspended and mixing with the air to suppress fires quickly and effectively. Tests indicate that Inergen suppresses a Class A fire in approximately 22 seconds and Class B fires within 17 seconds. It is non-synthetic and made of gases found in the atmosphere including: nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide.

Some of the additional benefits of an Inergen Suppression System include:

  • Inergen has no ozone depletion potential, and will not produce toxic or corrosive decomposition.
  • Inergen is comparatively safer than other inert gas-based extinguishing agents where evacuation may not be possible prior to the application of the agent.
  • Inergen systems reduce oxygen concentration only enough to suppress combustion while stimulating breathing efficiency.*
  • Inergen is non-toxic, and does not threaten the health.
  • Inergen has almost the same density as normal atmospheric air.
  • Inergen creates no ‘fog’ during discharge, escape routes during fire are still visible.

*A component of Inergen is carbon dioxide, which allows the human body to adapt to the environment of reduced oxygen that is present after discharge of agent. Discharge of Inergen results in an approximate 2% concentration of carbon dioxide within the space. This directs the human body to take deeper breaths and to make more efficient use of the available oxygen.

Reliable Fire & Security is a proud distributor of Ansul’s Inergen products. Inergen agent is free of residues and corrosive by-products. We invite you to speak with a representative today to discuss your fire protection needs. We can help you determine if an Inergen Fire Suppression System is right for your facility.

Typical Uses

  • Clean Rooms and Special Manufacturing Areas
  • Computer or Data Processing Centers
  • Control Rooms
  • Cultural and Historical Sites
  • Mining
  • Power Generation Facilities



ProInert is an inert gas mixture of Nitrogen and Argon. Both substances are naturally occurring and present in the atmosphere. ProInert extinguishes a fire by reducing the oxygen content in a room, one of the components necessary to keep the fire burning. However, the oxygen that remains in the room is sufficient for humans and will not compromise their safety. It is non-toxic and will not decompose or produce any by-products.

There are several applications for Pro-Inert including:

  • Flight simulators
  • Substations
  • Control rooms
  • Applications with multiple hazards
  • Applications using flammable liquids

The professionals at Reliable Fire & Security will provide you with a needs assessment and help you to choose which system will suit your needs.