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Reliable Fire and Security is your Fire Extinguisher Solution.  Fire Extinguishers Chicago.  Best Fire Extinguishers Chicago (708) 597-4600.  It’s easy to forget about getting your Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspection.  With Reliable Fire you don’t have to worry about missing an inspection and getting a fine from local code enforcement.  Before your service comes due, we’ll call you and schedule a time.  It’s that easy.

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We make sure you have the correct portable fire extinguishers throughout your facility. We make sure they are up to code, charged, and mounted at the correct height. And most importantly, before any maintenance and service is performed to your fire protection equipment, we get your approval. We believe in open and honest communication with all our clients.
Reliable Fire and Security is your complete fire protection source and we specialize in Fire Extinguisher Service and Inspections…


Fire Extinguishers Chicago One Call Does It All

Fire Extinguisher Inspections, Service, and Recharging for Local Chicago Businesses

New Fire Extinguishers (all sizes and types)

Employee Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire Extinguisher Signage for your facility

Mounting brackets for Fire Extinguishers

Vehicle mounts for Fire Extinguishers

Indoor and outdoor Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

If you have recently received a Fire Code Violation, we can get your business compliant we the local fire codes.
Your Complete Local Source for Fire Protection… That’s Reliable Fire and Security. One Call Does It All! We’ll make sure your business is protected and up to code. Need Service? Call us. Our techs and department managers are always happy to answer your fire protection questions.

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“Awesome service, great management, and all around great business. Thanks for the help guys!!” – Raistlin

“Fantastic service and veteran friendly. A company that thrives off the American standards!” – Leah

“Got 3 Amerex 10 Ibs Fire Extinguishers and had the perfect service ! Thanks Guys!” – Jake

“Very great service! Needed some fire extinguishers checked, got a great price! Very reliable.” -Selena


Fire Extinguisher Service Chicago IL

Fire Extinguisher Service Chicago Illinois (708)597-4600 The Source for FAST Onsite Fire Extinguisher Inspections and Service in Chicago IL is Reliable Fire and Security. On Call Does it All!
We are your Full Service Fire Protection Source. Fire Extinguisher Service, Fire Extinguisher Recharging, Mounting, Installing, Inspections, Testing, and Relocating… Plus we service Fire Sprinklers, Fire Alarms, Fire Suppression Systems, Emergency Lights, and Security Systems.

Reliable Fire And Security will keep your Chicago, IL Business Fire Code Compliant.

The Importantance of keeping your Fire Extinguishers and Fire Protection Equipment up to Code…
Quick Fire Facts…

We view FIRE as a living, breathing thing that eats and consumes everything in its path.

Did you know? If a Fire Extinguisher can used during the beginning stages of a fire … (a) Loss of Life is Minimal.. The statistics show that 93% of all fire related deaths occur once a fire has gone way beyond the beginning stages.
(b) Direct Property damage is Minimal. The statistics also show that 95% of all direct property damage occurs once the fire has move beyond the beginning stages.
It is so important to make sure your Fire Extinguishers have been properly serviced, and you know how to use a Fire Extinguisher should a Fire occur.

Remember the Fire Extinguisher is Your First Line of Defense.

For More information about Fire Codes, Fire Safety, and Fire Extinguisher Training Call Reliable Fire and Security.

Need Fire Extinguisher Service?? Call Reliable Fire. We are the Source for New Fire Extinguishers and Fire Extinguisher Service and Inspections.

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