Common Fire Hazards

Many people don’t realize how quickly a fire can spread. But a small fire can become a large one in an extremely short amount of time. Here are eight common fire hazards you may have overlooked so please keep them in mind.

Walking away from something cooking in the kitchen:

 Unattended gas/electric burners, toasters & hotplates, dishes that are not microwave proof, cookbooks near gas flames are common causes of fires.

Worn out electrical cords:

Frayed or chewed electrical cords start many house fires. Exposed electrical wires will light your floor or rug on fire in a fraction of a second.

Overloaded power strips:

Power strips, when overloaded, can cause a spark. If they’re anywhere near anything flammable, a fire is very likely.

Malfunctioning electrical appliances:

Most of us own more than a few electrical gadgets, all of which can malfunction at any time. Sparks from faulty toasters, coffee makers, televisions, computer monitors, clothing driers are among many electrical and gas appliances that can cause serious fires.

Unattended candles:

Candles cause hundreds of fires every year. Even with a safe holder, candles should never be left unattended. It only takes a minute for a pet or child to knock a candle over – or just a little too close to flammable material.

Fireplace or woodstove used incorrectly:

Fireplaces and wood stoves can be fire hazards when not properly used. Make sure your chimney is clear and clean before burning anything. Never throw away ashes that aren’t 100% cool- even the tiniest smoldering coal could easily start a fire in your trash bin.

Burning cigarettes unattended: 

 Smoking in bed, leaving a pipe or cigarette unattended and emptying ashtray contents before they are cold cause hundreds of fires each year.

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