CCTV Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems

CCTV can be used for video surveillance or monitoring processes
surveillance camera, security monitor and lensCCTV Cameras or Video Surveillance systems are an important component of your overall safety plan.  CCTV Cameras or (Security Systems) in general have a very basic, common purpose.  To reduce the risk of loss of life and property.   Along with the protection of their employees, businesses must protect their property and inventory from vandalism and/or theft.

Benefits of Video Surveillance System

  • Accessibility: Able to view multiple areas of a facility remotely
  • Loss Prevention
  • Economical:  IP-based surveillance systems are less costly to deploy
  • Enhanced Capabilities:  Easily downloaded and recorded to a thumb drive
  • Remote Access: Log in and monitor video with remote connectivity

The size and scope of your business will help determine the type of security system that is most appropriate.  The professionals at Reliable Fire & Security have worked with hospitals, manufacturers, retailers, schools and universities, as well as property managers to install systems that will protect employees, patients, residents and students along with the property itself.  Each type of property or facility is unique and has special considerations when determining the type of surveillance equipment and system will meet their needs.

As a proud partner of Salient Systems, please download this white paper about moving from analog to IP cameras.  Click here to download!

The list below represents some of the common components typical systems:


  • General Surveillance
  • License plate and facial recognition
  • Night vision and Infrared
  • Thermal cameras

Video management systems

  • Video Analytics
  • Single, One-Channel, and Portable
  • Virtual
  • Local and enterprise systems


  • Various monitor sizes available
  • Projection Systems
  • Public View Monitors

Remote Viewing

  • Thick and Thin client

We also offer video monitoring.  Most businesses that have regular shifts and normal hours of operation may be able to utilize a video surveillance system and video monitoring.  Upon receiving an alarm signal, the video monitoring operator will contact the designated person or authorities as designated by the client.

Businesses and other interested parties have found additional uses for video surveillance systems that extend beyond traditional security.  Power plants, for example, may use thermal cameras to determine if a transformer may need replacing based on the temperature of the unit.  Video analytics can provide an alert if there are too many people in one location.  Airport authorities may be notified if there is an object such as a suitcase or bag left in an area too long.  Contact a Reliable Fire & Security professional today to discuss your needs and how a surveillance system may be used.

The key to any system providing the most benefit to its owner is to maximize system up time.    We have chosen the people and products that ensure this outcome. Reliable Fire & Security uses Milestone and Salient Video Management Systems, Axis, Panasonic, Bosch, JVC, Arecont and Mobotics Cameras.

Beyond the scope of protecting a business from theft and vandalism is the financial protection that a security system provides.  Theft, vandalism and false lawsuit claims can all negatively impact the financial value of a business.  A video system is often used to verify claims.  We take the time to understand how the system will fit in with your needs for managing risk, limiting liability and protecting the value of your business.

Businesses that process cash and other valuables will also have high requirements for stored video.  Many of our customers use video surveillance systems to achieve regulatory compliance.  Listed below are some of the industries examples where video surveillance systems assist our customers in achieving regulatory compliance:

  • Transportation
  • CFATS – Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards
  • Financial Transactions
  • Healthcare

Reliable Fire & Security is an industry-leading integrator.  This means that we are able to integrate and monitor your fire alarm and security systems.  We have experience working with new and existing systems.  For small businesses, utilizing a security system that has been integrated with the fire protection system provides a low cost, efficient and highly effective means of securing the facility and its contents.  Let our professionals provide you with options that fit your organization and budget.