Has your commercial structure had a Backflow Inspection?

Backflow assemblies can potentially fail without inspections. Deficiency can occur if there is any sediment or any kind of buildup inside the backflow assemblies. Even a very small piece of debris can damage the backflow assembly. This can lead to watersafety system from functioning properly. If backflow is occurring, t he systemate to the drinking water. An impaired assembly can prevent a fire safety system from functioning properly. If backflow is occurring, the system will not have enough water to function properly and could be insufficient to contain a fire. Not having a backflow inspection is in opposition to the NFPA25 Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems. The standard states that the backflow assembly must be tested and inspected annually.

Reliable Fire & Security can handle all of the required paperwork for backflow inspections, testing, and maintenance for you. Never let a backflow inspection date pass by without having your backflow assembly inspected. Backflow inspections are a part of building provision and must be included in your maintenance routine to ensure that your building is safe and secure. Call us to schedule your Backflow inspection at 708.597.4600 and visit our website for our complete list of services at www.reliablefire.com #firesafety#fireprotection#firealarm#firesprinklersystems#security#CCTV#cardaccess#onecalldoesitall#womenownedbusiness