Common Industrial Fire Hazards

Industrial and Manufacturing Properties

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports electrical and lighting malfunctions as the top causes of structural fires in industrial properties. Heating equipment leads the list as the cause of structure fires in manufacturing facilities. These facilities are also at an increased risk of fire due to the storage of combustible materials and the use of flammable liquids and gasses. It’s vital to store flammable and combustible materials away from potential ignition sources.

Hotels and Motel Fires

Commercial Kitchen equipment is the #1 cause of fires in Hotels and Motels.  Kitchen fires caused approximately 50% of all motel and hotel fires, making them the primary cause.

Healthcare Fire

Fires at hospitals and healthcare facilities can be caused by several different sources. Faulty electrical wiring, improper storage of combustibles and flammables, and heat-producing equipment are all major causes. Like many other industries, cooking is the primary cause of fires in medical facilities, accounting for approximately 60% percent of all fires. Electrical and equipment malfunctions are major contributors.

Gas and Oil Industry  

Improper hot-work practices, the ignition of flammable liquids from a generator, and malfunctioning electrical motors are the leading causes of fire in the oil and gas industry. From welding operations to a vehicle’s catalytic converters, there are so many sources for ignition in this industry. Sparks from machinery can cause explosions from igniting flammable gases and vapors.

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