Dry Fire Sprinkler Systems

Need to add a sprinkler system to part of your building but concerned about freezing temperatures? A dry pipe sprinkler system will provide the coverage you need without the risk of burst pipes. 

A wet pipe sprinkler system is the most common form of fire protection.  However, they cannot be used in temperatures of 40 degrees F. and below. The standard way to add a fire sprinkler system to exposed building areas such as an open garage, freezer storage, or unheated spaces is to install a dry pipe sprinkler system.

A dry pipe sprinkler system contains pressurized air instead of water.  The sprinkler head is activated during a fire, causing the air pressure to drop. This removes the pressure from the valve, which releases the water into the pipes.

Dry pipe sprinklers are used in applications where you can’t protect pipes from freezing temperatures.  A minimal amount of water frozen inside the pipe can plug the fire sprinklers main feed and prevent the valve from tripping during a fire.

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