The Importance of Kitchen Suppression Systems

For fires to survive, three things must be in place; fuel, oxygen, and heat. Like a fire sprinkler system, the kitchen hood suppression system gets activated when it detects flames or excessive heat. When the system is activated, it discharges wet chemicals through the sprinkler heads. These nozzles are over the appliances and in the ventilation system over the hood of your cooking station. The wet chemicals quickly put out fires by covering the flame and depriving it of oxygen.

Kitchen hood suppression systems also come with a manual pull station that allows the kitchen staff to activate it when the system does not sense the heat of a fire early enough. The hood fire suppression system will also cut off the power to the appliances and outlets under the hood to eliminate any shock hazards or sparks that could ignite another fire. To deplete the fire of its fuel, the suppression system will also shut off the gas to all appliances. This method helps to stop fires in the kitchen without allowing them to spread to other areas.

Kitchen fires are dangerous and can quickly get out of control. It is important that hood fire suppression systems are in all restaurants and commercial kitchens. It serves as a safety measure to help keep fires under control. The system helps to put out fires without shutting down the entire operation of the kitchen.

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